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Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:Belfast, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Interests (150):

acting, america's next top model, apples, art, artistic, artists, authors, avant garde, beauty, biffy clyro, black & white, black and white photography, black cigarettes, bones, books, britney spears, cameras, cats, cigarettes, cinnamon, clothes, clove, clove cigarettes, coffee, coffee shops, crazy beautiful, creativity, crystals, culture, damien rice, death cab for cutie, decadence, decor, decorating, design, designers, diet soda, djarum blacks, drama, empty, eternal sunshine spotless mind, eva cassidy, experimental fashion, fashion, fashion magazines, fashion photography, feist, film, foo fighters, foreign films, freedom, galleries, garbage, gay pride, girls, glamour, guitars, hair, haute couture, high-fashion, hot hot heat, hummous, i am kloot, imogen heap, indie, indie films, indie music, jeff buckley, journalism, juno, kate moennig, kate moss, kittens, kt tunstall, lesbians, literature, london, magazines, meatloaf, missy higgins, mix tapes, models, mr brooks, mr magorium's wonder emporium, music, new york, notebooks, notes on a scandal, novels, over the rhine, paris, pepsi max, philosophy, photobooths, photography, photos, piercings, placebo, poems, poetry, poets, polaroids, pop culture, portishead, pretty, punk, queen, reading, reality, retro, rilo kiley, rock, run lola run, sarah slean, scars, scrapbooking, scrapbooks, secrets, sex, shane, shoes, shopping, shops, sia, skinny jeans, smoking, starbucks, style, surrealism, tattoos, terra naomi, the fratellis, the jealous girlfriends, the kooks, the l word, the machinist, the used, the zutons, topshop, typewriters, vintage, vogue, warm summer evenings, word vomit, words, writers, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, ,
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